How to upload, share and sign a document?

1. Once successfully logged in to the portal, click the "Upload document" button at the right side of the screen.

2. Choose a signed document format (section 1).  Note: this is the format of the document that you will be able to download after signing, not the format of the document you are uploading. Dokobit currently supports two international document formats: PDF documents and ASiCe containers and national Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian document formats - ADoc, BDoc and EDoc. The maximum size of possible to upload document is 200 MB.

3. There are two ways to upload the document (section 2): you can drag and drop it to the grey upload area; or you can use "Browse" button to locate and upload a file from your computer. Document name will be the same as File name, but you can edit and change it as required.

4. To invite other parties to sign, start typing their email address or select person from the dropdown list from your address book (section 3. Add participants). You can also invite someone using "Add" or "Quick add" buttons form your address book, using participant's personal code or email address. You can also choose participant role next to each participant's name, whether this person must sign the document, approve the document or has access to it. "Has access" role is available to all paid plan users; "must approve" is available to "Business" and "Enterprise" plan users. You can also leave a message for participants if you want.

5. Choose relevant document settings (section 4. Set document options) such as "Document category" and "Signing deadline". If you don't want to allow signing after due date check the box "Do not allow signing after deadline". Check the box next to "Require qualified electronic signatures" if you would like all participants to sign a document using qualified electronic signature only. Qualified electronic signatures have equivalent legal effect to a handwritten signatures according to EU Regulation No. 910/2014 (eIDAS). If you want to allow signing without logging in to portal then check the box "Allow signing documents without Dokobit account" - users will be able to view or sign the document without logging in to Dokobit account.

6. To go to signing page, press "Continue".

7. To sign a document, click "Sign" button at the top of the page (you will be redirected to the bottom of the page), click "Sign" button at the bottom of the page and proceed with signing according to the chosen eID tool.

Note: If document owner has checked the box  "Do not allow signing after deadline" then after due date you won't be able to sign this document. You won't be seeing "Sign" button and in 3. Participants section there is visible note "Missed deadline to sign". If you still need to sign the document, please contact with the person who is document owner (name is visible in 3. Participants section with the note "Document owner").

8. If you are not willing to sign the document, you can decline to sign it. Simply click on the "Decline to sign". A pop-up window will open up where you can enter the reason for declining the document. 

Note: The signing process will be terminated, and the document will be "Declined" regardless of the decisions made by other participants.

9. After signing or declining to sign you will see your this information next to your name.

10. You can change your decision about declining to sign the document. Open the document and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Sign anyway".

11. After you sign the document, the information about the previous decline will no longer be visible next to your name. 

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