The workflow feature allows you to set up a sequence of document approving and signing actions. Using workflows you can define the first person to sign or approve the document and only then the second one will be invited to take appointed action - approve or sign, and only after the second person completes the action, the third one will be invited and so on. Participants in the sequence can also be put parallelly in groups, which means that the sequence can be made from individuals and/or from groups of people. 

This feature is available to all “Business” and “Enterprise” plan users.

To set up a workflow

1. At the time of uploading the document, locate the section no. 3, called “Participants” and toggle the button to turn on the “Workflow”.

2. You can add participants to the document using the “Add” or quick add buttons. You can also use a search bar to quickly add participants from the dropdown list of your address book names or simply entering the email address.

3. When you will add more than one participant, you will see all of them in the numbered list.

4. To change the sequence of the participants you can drag their participant cards up and down.

5. You can also change their sequence number next to their name.

6. To group participants in parallel order, drag and align participant cards until you see the “Add in parallel” notification or enter the same numbers next to participant names. 

7. To delete a participant click the “x” button next to their name.

8. To switch a participant role choose it from the dropdown list.

9. Set additional document options if necessary and continue with document upload.

To edit or set up a workflow when a document is already uploaded

10. Open the document and click the “Edit” button in section no. 3 “Participants”.

11. To enable a sequence set up, toggle the button to turn on the “Workflow”. 

Note: if a workflow functionality is turned on after a document was already uploaded, only those participants will be able to access it, whose turn is according to a set workflow. Other participants could not be able to sign or approve it until their turn comes. In such case, an error message would be visible after opening the already received invitation to sign or approve a document link.

12. Edit the sequence of participants by dragging their participant cards or changing the numbers next to their names. 

13. To switch a participant role choose it from the dropdown list.

14. To delete a participant, click a trash can icon next to their name. 

15. You can also remove participant by clicking the “…” (ellipsis) and "Remove participant” button next to their name in the no. 3 “Participants” section.

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