My subscription and billing details

In the "Billing" category, you can review your account information and make adjustments if necessary. You can upgrade your plan, purchase additional users (if you're using the "Business" plan), cancel your subscription, review and download your invoices, change existing billing details, and add or remove bank cards.

Note: Please be sure to update your billing details under "Settings" before subscribing to a paid plan. Invoices are issued automatically according to the information provided in the user’s account.

How to review your subscription information and invoices

1.0. Log in to the portal, and go to the settings by either pressing the gear icon (located at the top, right side of the screen) or by pressing on your name to reveal the drop-down menu and then selecting "Settings".

Gear icon:

Drop-down menu:

1.1. On the left side of the screen, choose the category "Billing".

1.2. Here's an example image of what you will see in the "Overview" section (the displayed information slightly differs for every Dokobit user, depending on which subscription was purchased):

[Your plan name] → The name of the subscription that you're currently using.

User limit → The number of users that you've purchased for your account (applicable only for the "Business" and "Enterprise" plans).

Plan validity date → This date indicates when your subscription will expire.

Monthly usage counter reset date → This date indicates when the signatures that are included in your subscription package will reset. Please note that the signature counter resets every 30 days, either counting from the registration date (applies to the "Free" plan) or the paid plan purchase date.

Document storage →  The amount of space that is being used up by the documents that you've uploaded.

Users →  The number of available user slots that have been purchased versus how many users have already been invited to join the company account (applicable only for the "Business" and "Enterprise" plans).

Extra signatures this month →  The number of used signatures that exceeded the limits of your chosen subscription within the current 30-day cycle (applicable only for the "Professional and "Business" plans).

1.3. In the "Invoices" section, you will see the following:

  • All the invoices that were issued to your account;
  • The date they were issued on;
  • The total pending amount;
  • The payment due date;
  • The status of the invoice;
  • The ability to download a PDF file of each invoice.

How to edit your billing details

Note: This information will get listed in your invoices.

2.0. In the section "Billing details", press the "Edit" button.

2.1. Choose the appropriate type for your account – "Company account" or "Personal account".

Please use the field "Invoice notes" for any additional and relevant information that you require to be included in the invoices.

2.2. When you have filled in all the necessary fields, don't forget to press "Save".

How to change or cancel a subscription

In the "Overview" section, you can do the following things:

  • Upgrade your plan

    Press the button "Upgrade plan". You will then be redirected to a new page where you can make the necessary changes.

  • Purchase additional user slots

    Press the link "Increase user limit" (applicable only for "Business" plan users). You will then be redirected to a new page where you can make the necessary changes.

  • Cancel your paid plan subscription

    Press the link "Cancel plan subscription".


If you'd like to decrease the number of purchased user slots in your account, please contact us at

4.0. In the section "Payment method", press on the area "Link a new card".

4.1. Fill in all the fields with your bank card information and press the "Link card" button.

Note: The "Card holder name" field cannot exceed 32 characters.

If you'd like to make this your preferred method of payment, check the box "Use this credit card for recurring payments".

4.2. Approve the action by pressing "Confirm".

Note: Every bank card that gets linked to your account will receive a temporary authorization fee of 0,50 EUR, which will immediately get reverted back to your account.

4.3. If you forgot to check the box "Use this credit card for recurring payments" when adding your bank card, afterward, you can simply mark your preferred method of payment by pressing on the appropriate option. The selected choice will be marked with a radio button.

5.0. Hover over the added bank card information to reveal the "X" icon, then press on it to unlink the card.

Note: This action can be performed only if an alternative payment method has been selected.

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