How to purchase additional users or get more signatures

If you have a "Business" account and would like to be able to invite your colleagues to join your team, you can purchase additional user slots.

If you have a "Free" account and would like to get more signatures, you can purchase a paid plan subscription. For individual users, we recommend the "Professional" plan.


Additional signatures are not sold separately – they can only be acquired by purchasing a subscription.

How to purchase additional user slots

Note: These instructions are only applicable to the "Business" plan.

1. Log in to the portal, and go to the settings by either pressing the gear icon (located at the top, right side of the screen) or by pressing on your name to reveal the drop-down menu and then selecting "Settings".

Gear icon:

Drop-down menu:

2. On the left side of the screen, choose the category "Billing".

3. In the "Overview" section, press the link "Increase user limit".

4. Choose the number of users that you'd like to add.

5. Fill in your billing information, and at the bottom of the page, press "Pay".

You will then be billed the corresponding amount for the additional users, and they will be added to your subscription until your plan validity date. After your plan validity date renews, payment for these additional users will also be automatically included in your new subscription invoice.

What should I do if I've used up all the signatures included in my plan?

Paid plan users that have exceeded the number of signatures included in their monthly subscription package can continue e-signing; however, all of these additional signatures will be added to their next invoice according to the price rate of their current plan. Press here to see our price guide.

"Free" account users can get additional signatures by purchasing one of our paid plan subscriptions.

Who covers the cost of signatures when more than one party is involved in signing?

If a document owner is a paid plan user, they will be financially responsible for all signatures from all parties involved.

If a document owner has a "Free" account, each signing party will cover the cost of their own signature (it will be counted towards their monthly signature count quota).

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