My plan and billing details

In the billing tab, you can review your current plan information and change the plan you have. You can also buy additional users if you have a "Business" plan, cancel your plan subscription, review and download your invoices, change existing billing details, and add or delete your credit card details. The view will differ, depending on what kind of account you have, whether it is a regular (free) account, company user account, owner, or company administrator account.

Note: Please be sure to update your personal details and billing details under Settings before subscribing to a paid plan. Invoices are issued automatically according to the information provided in the user’s account.

In this article:
To review your current plan and Invoices information

1. Log in to the portal, click the "Settings" button - gear icon, that is located at the top of the right side of the screen, or click on your name for the drop-down menu to appear and click "Settings".


2. Open the "Billing" tab.

3.  In the "Overview" section you will see:

  • Your plan - what plan do you currently have;
  • User limit - how many user accounts you have purchased;
  • Plan validity date - till when your plan subscription is valid;
  • Monthly usage counter reset date - this date indicates when your signature usage will reset for the upcoming month. Note: Please be informed that signature amount resets every 30 days starting with the day you ordered the services. 
  • Document storage - how much space you have used and how much space you can use for your documents;
  • Users - how many users you can have (you have bought) and how many have joined company account (or even though they did not accept the invitation, but were invited to join).
  • Extra signatures this month - how many extra signatures you have used during this month (the signatures that exceeded the limit applied to your plan).

4. In the "Invoices" section you will see:

  • All the invoices that were issued to your account, the day they were issued, the total amount to be paid, payment due date, its status, and by clicking the "Download" button you will be able to download a PDF file of the invoice.

To change your billing details

5. Click the "Change" button next to "Billing details".

6. Choose whether this is a personal or company account and fill in all the fields, "Name" or "Company name" if it is a company account, "Address" and "Email for invoices" fields are mandatory. Note: this is the information that will be reflected in your invoices. The text entered into the "Notes" field will also appear in the invoices, therefore you may use this field for purchase or procurement number, responsible person name, or other relevant and necessary information.

To change or cancel plan subscription

7. In the "Your plan" section click on the "Upgrade plan" link. You will then be able to purchase the required plan.

8. If you have the "Business" plan, you can increase the number of user accounts by clicking on "Increase user limit".

9. If you want to cancel your subscription, click on the "Cancel plan subscription" link next to "Plan validity date". Your paid plan features will still be available until the indicated plan validity date.

10. If you want to lower the number of your company users, please contact us.

11. In the "Added credit cards" section click on "Link a new card" and fill all the fields with your credit card information. Please note that "Cardholder name" can not be longer than 32 characters. Click the "Link credit card" button to finish the action. Note: the 0,50 Eur fee will be charged from every linked card at the moment of adding it, however, this charge will be deducted from your first purchase. 

12. To unlink a credit card you no longer want to use, hover over the block representing the card and click on the trash bin icon. At least one credit card is required to be linked if you have subscribed for a paid plan.

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