How to sign documents using ElectronicID video-based identification

ElectronicID video-based identification is a document signing method that can be used without creating an eID tool or registering a Dokobit account. It produces QES-level signatures and is available for PDF files only. To sign documents using this method, you will need a stable internet connection, a valid ID, and a device with a working camera to capture your face.

Note: This functionality can only be enabled in paid plan subscriptions.


Please be aware that the price per signature for this signing method is 5 EUR + VAT. The cost is covered by the document owner, who is financially responsible for all signatures from all parties involved.

How to sign documents using ElectronicID video-based identification

1. Open the Dokobit email invitation and press "Review and sign".

2. Once you get redirected to the document that was sent to you, in the first drop-down menu, select the issuing country of your ID, and in the second one, choose the ElectronicID signing solution.

Note: This signing method will not be available to you if your document was issued by a country that is not listed in the drop-down menu.

3. Get familiar with the requirements to make sure that you'll be able to successfully sign the document, and then press "Continue".

4. Accept the terms by marking both of the checkboxes and then press "Continue".

5. Once again, choose the issuing country of your ID as well as the type of document you plan to use, and then press "Start".

6. Your web browser will ask your permission to use your microphone and camera. Press "Allow".

Note: Here's an example of Google Chrome's "block or allow" pop-up window requiring your permission:

7. The camera on your device will turn on and ask you to position the front of your document to fit the frame. Follow the prompts to make sure you do it correctly.

8. Once your document has been accepted, follow the prompts for capturing your face to ensure a successful identity verification process.

9. Once the recording is completed, enter your phone number to receive a verification code and press "Continue".

10. Enter the code which you received on your mobile device and press "Continue".

11. Please wait for your identity to be verified.

Note: The verification process is supposed to take up to 5 minutes. However, don't worry if you end up exceeding this waiting time – sometimes, it can take longer.

12. If you successfully passed the identification process, you will see an announcement stating, "Your identity has been verified". Accept the certification terms by marking both of the checkboxes and then press "Continue".

13. Choose the appropriate country from the drop-down menu and enter your phone number to receive the verification code for signing the document and then press "Continue".

14. Enter the code that was sent to your phone.

Note: If for any reason you didn't receive the code, press "I cannot get the code, I want a new one".

15. Congratulations, you've successfully signed the document!

Note: If the document is waiting on signatures from other participants, the link for downloading the file will not be available. Once every participant has signed the document, you will receive the link to your email address.

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