Default company settings

In the Dokobit portal, the "Business" and "Enterprise" plan users, who have company account owner or administrator rights, can set default document settings for all the company account users and choose whether users could be able to override these settings or not. These default settings will be automatically applied to all the company account users. 

To set whether personal code could be visible in the signature's annotations

1. Log in to the portal and click the "Company data" button, located at the very top of the page.

2. Click the "Default company settings" tab.

3. To set the default settings, click the "Edit" button.

4. In the "Default option" section, you will be able to choose whether company users' personal codes could be visible in the signature's annotation on PDF documents or not. Click on the active field and select the preferable option. 

5. You then can choose whether the users could override this option. To confirm the action, click the "Save" button.

6. If you select the "Do not allow overriding" option, in such case, the users will not be able to change these settings. When uploading the document, the "Show personal code in signature's annotation" field will be inactive, and only the option set by the account's administrator could be applied.

7. If the "Allow overriding" option is set, the selected option will automatically be applied, but the user will be able to change it by checking or unchecking the box "Show personal code in signature's annotation".

8. The default settings can be changed by the account administrator at any time.

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