Signatures with reason

Signature with reason allows you to specify for what purpose the document needs to be signed. There are 3 signature reasons available in Dokobit:

  • Visa - officially certifying that the document has been examined and found correct;
  • Acknowledgement - confirming that a document has been read and is accepted by the signing party agreeing with the provided information;
  • Copy certification - confirming that the copy of a document is real. 

Note: Signature reason functionality is available for "Professional", "Business" and "Enterprise" plan users.

You can specify the signing reason when you upload a document and share it with other participants. 

1. While uploading the document to the Dokobit portal, select the participant role next to their name as "Signature with reason". Then choose one of the three signature reasons.

2. After uploading the document, you will see the signature reason next to the participant. 3. You can change the reason until the participant signs the document by editing the participants.

4. If you were invited to sign the document, you will see the signing reason when you open the document.

5. After the document is signed, you will see the signature reason next to participant's information in metadata. You will also see the signing reason in the confirmation sheet as well as in the signature annotation on the document itself. 

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