How to check how many signatures there are left?

Depending on the plan you are using, you are given 5 (free plan), 20 ("Professional" plan) or 30 ("Business" plan) signatures per month. 

Please note that signature amount resets every 30 days starting with the day you ordered the services. For example, if you order a plan on the 14th of March, the monthly usage counter reset date will be 14th of April. 

If you use "Professional" or "Business" plan, you can still sign documents after your signature limit is reached. Each extra signature will simply cost additional €0.40 + VAT for "Professional" plan users and €0.30 + VAT for "Business" plan users. 

The cost of extra signatures for "Enterprise" plan users depends on the separate agreement. 

How to check how many signatures there are left?

1. Log in to the portal, click the "Settings" button - gear icon, that is located at the top of the right side of the screen, or click on your name for the drop-down menu to appear and click "Settings".

2. Open the "Billing" tab.

Here you can see how many signatures you used and when will the monthly usage counter reset.

Who pays for signatures when more than one party is involved in signing?

If a document owner is a paid plan user (has company user, administrator or owner account), they will be financially responsible for all signatures from all parties involved.

If a document owner is a free user, each signing party will cover the cost of their own signature. For free users this means that the signature will be counted towards their 5 signature monthly quota, and for paid plan users - it will be counted towards theirs quota, that depends on their purchased plan.

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