Different eIDs

There are various electronic identification tools, that can be issued by different countries and authorities. Every user can choose the most convenient tool, however, it is useful to have more than one eID. More information on why it is useful to use more than one eID can be found here.

Variety of eIDs

  • National eID card - personal identification card issued by the state authority. It has a chip and a qualified certificate. User would have to install drivers and browser extensions to be able to use it for various e-services (including the Dokobit portal). 
  • USB token / Smart-card - a cryptographic token/card, a secure physical device that stores qualified certificates. Various qualified certification authorities issue qualified certificates in those tokens/cards.
  • Mobile ID - eID solution issued by various mobile service providers. Mobile service providers check the identity of the customer and issue a special SIM card with a qualified certificate in it.
  • Smart-ID - Mobile app for identification and document signing widely used in the Baltic states. It can be used for document signing in the Dokobit portal, however, the Qualified Smart-ID account is necessary (identity needs to be verified by using Mobile ID, an eID card or Smart-ID should be issued in the SEB or Swedbank bank's branch office).
  • e-Residency - a transnational digital identity that is issued by the Republic of Estonia and is available to anyone in the world. More information about e-Residency can be found here.

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