Document visibility permissions for company administrators

In the Dokobit portal, the company account owner or administrators to whom full visibility permission is granted can set different document visibility options for other company administrators. You will be able to choose whether administrators should have full visibility, limited document visibility, or no document visibility. 

Note: this feature is only available to Enterprise plan users.

Visibility options

  • Full visibility - administrator to whom full visibility rights are granted has access to company account users uploaded and received documents (can see documents content, can download, delete them, change document category, etc.), has full user management rights (can promote users to administrators, or demote administrator to simple company user, etc.), administer shared document categories, add an e-seal (if e-seal service is purchased).

Note: the company account owner will always have full visibility.

  • Limited visibility - administrator to whom limited visibility rights are granted has partial access to company users documents (can rename, delete a document, enable the accountless setting, change deadline, signature level and add comments), see company usage reports, documents report, audit trail, set default company settings, manage company contacts (create shared contacts and categories) and have partial user management rights (can invite, suspend and delete company user).
  • No visibility - administrator to whom such rights are granted can see company usage report, partial information in the company audit trail, set default company settings, manage company contacts (create shared contacts and categories) and have partial user management rights (can invite, suspend and delete company user). An administrator can not see any company documents that are not his/her own.
                                              No visibility Limited visibility Full visibility
Company documents visibility

See document's content
Add, remove or change documents' category
Share a document
Rename a document
Delete a document
Enable/disable accountless setting
Change deadline
Change signature level
Add comments
Add an e-seal*  
Download document
Document categories
Administer shared categories
User management
Promote user to an administrator
Demote administrator to company user
Access user's documents Partial**
Invite user
Suspend user

Delete user
Company data management
See usage report
See documents' report
See company audit trail Partial***
Set default company settings
Contacts management
Manage address book 
Create shared contacts

Create shared contact categories

* This action is available if an e-sealing service is acquired.

** User with limited visibility can access another company user's documents, however, such user could not see document's content, share or download the document, add, remove or change the document category.

*** User with no document visibility will be able to access audit trail, however, he will only see actions related to company user changes and billing/plan changes. The user will not see any actions that were made with other company user's documents.

To set visibility option for an administrator

1. Log in to the Dokobit portal, click the Settings button - a gear icon that is located at the top of the right side of the screen, or click on your name for the drop-down menu to appear and click Settings.


2. Click the Users tab.

3. Locate the Users section and choose a user to whom administrator rights should be granted. Click Actions and select Promote to admin option.

4. You will then be able to choose the document visibility level for this administrator. Select a preferable option and click Continue.

5. Confirm the action by clicking the Confirm button.

 6. If you would like to change document visibility for an administrator, click the Actions button and select the Change document visibility option.

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