How to manage my company users?

The users tab is only visible to the company account owner and administrator if additional company users are purchased. In your user tab, you can review your company users' statistics, add new users, delete or suspend existing ones. Owner or administrator can also promote any of their company users to become a company administrator.

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Review your company users statistics

1. Log in to the portal, click the "Settings" button - gear icon, that is located at the top of the right side of the screen, or click on your name for the drop-down menu to appear and click "Settings".


2. Click the "Users" tab and locate the first section called "User statistics".

3. In the "Users statistics" section you will see:

  • Company users - a total number of company users you currently have (Note: this is the number of your existing company users. The total number of additional users you have bought, can be found in the "Billing" tab in the "Overview" section);
  • Pending invitations - a number of invitations that were sent to users to become your company accounts, but were neither accepted nor declined yet;
  • Signatures used this month - a total amount of signatures used in a month period by all of your users;
  • Extra signatures this month - a number of signatures that exceeded your paid plan limit;
  • Document storage - how much of a document storage space you are using and how much is left.

Review individual company user statistics

4. If the user accepts the invitation to join the company account and their status is "Active", you will be able to review their individual current month portal usage statistics by pressing the arrow on the left side of their name.

5. Here you will see users position in the company and the company title (if these fields are filled on the user profile), you will see the last time user logged in to the portal, how much of the space their documents take, how many signatures were used this month and how many times user logged in to the portal (number of sessions this month).

Create new company user

6. Click the "Add new user" button that is located next to the second section called "Users" (button is visible only if your company account has free additional users purchased. If there is no button "Add new user" you must first purchase an additional user account and then you'll be able to add an additional user). 

7. Fill in all the fields, "First name", "Last name", and "Email" are mandatory fields. 

8. At the time of user creation, their contact is being created as well. Choose whether you want to share this contact with your other company users by checking the box "Create shared contact in organization".

9. A new user will now get a notification to their email address that they were registered to the portal and will have to log in and verify their email address.

10. When the account is verified, a new user will instantly become a company user.

Invite user to join the company account

11. If the user you would like to invite to become your company user already has an account in the portal with the entered email address, this information will be visible.

12. In this case, you can invite the user to join the company by clicking on the link.

13. This user will get an invitation to join the company account to their email address. By logging in to the portal and accepting the invitation, user agrees that the account manager (the company account owner) will gain full control of their account.

Note: since one account can always be free, we always recommend to keep personal account and work account separated. It is better to use your work email address for your company user account since the company admin gains full control of this account and can later delete it.

Manage/delete your company user accounts

14. If the user does not accept the invitation to join the company account or does not verify their email, the company administrator will only be able to cancel the invitation by clicking the "Actions" button and "Cancel invitation" next to this user name in the section called "Users".

15. If the user joins the company account and their status is being shown as "Active" next to their name In the "Users" section, then the company admin will be able to:

  • Edit user - edit users' phone number, company title, and position title in the company. The administrator can also choose whether this user contact will be shared in the company by toggling the button.
  • Transfer owner rights - transfer your company account ownership rights to any of your company users. Note: this action is irreversible from the initial company account owner side and the owner will lose and transfer all of their company account ownership rights to another user. This user then can transfer rights back to the initial owner or any other user if necessary.
  • Promote to admin -  administrator can promote any user to become an administrator. An administrator will have the same user and document management rights as the owner, however, the administrator will not be able to change plan or billing details and will not be able to manage the owner account. Note: Enterprise plan users have additional functionality that allows setting different company document visibility options for company administrators. To find out more about this functionality, click here: Document visibility permisions for company administrators
  • Suspend user - suspend user account, so they would not be able to login to this particular account, however, this feature is reversible and suspension can be removed when necessary.
  • View documents - review all documents in the user's account.
  • Generate API token - administrator or the owner can generate API tokens for their company users. This token is necessary for the Dokobit Portal API solution that allows you to automate various document signing processes. More information about the Portal API solution can be found here.
  • Delete user -  permanently delete the company user account. Note: this action is permanent and irreversible. Deleting a user account means, that the account is being deleted permanently and access to all documents is being revoked. 

16. You can use a search bar to look for your company user more easily by entering their name, last name, email address, or choosing their status.

Delete the company owner account

17. As a company owner account holder, you must first delete all company users to be able to delete your own account.

18. Click the "Delete Account" button at the right side corner at the bottom of your profile page and confirm the action.  Note: all documents and data associated with this account will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to recover it later. Before you delete your account we recommend you to download all the documents that you want to keep.

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