How to get and start using eParaksts mobile for authentication and document signing?

eParaksts mobile is a mobile application issued in Latvia by SJSC "Latvian State Radio and Television Centre". It can be used for authentication and document signing. To use eParaksts mobile, you will need a smart device and an internet connection. More information about eParaksts mobile and how to get it can be found here.

Authentication - when performing authentication with eParaksts mobile, a new window will usually open, in which you will be asked to enter your eParaksts mobile user number. You must then confirm this action in the eSignature mobile app with a PIN code or fingerprint on your smart device.

Signing - signing is possible only after successful authentication, even if performing a signing without a Dokobit account. If the authentication is performed, a new window will open, in which you will be asked to enter your eParaksts mobile signature password.

Signature levels

As of June 28, 2020, eParaksts mobile is recognized as a qualified electronic signature creation tool (QSCD) and the signatures made with it both in Latvia and in the European Union have the same legal force (QES level) as a handwritten signature on paper. 

Users that have created their accounts before June 28, 2020 and haven't updated the signature certificate, most likely have an advanced electronic signature level.

To be able to sign documents with a qualified (QES) e-signature using eParaksts mobile, please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure that your eParaksts mobile signature certificate has qualified e-signature level - open the eParaksts mobile app and click on the "Status of my certificates" link and confirm your identity on the page that will open.

2. If the message "Renew the highest level" appears on the opened page, then perform the renewal by pressing the "Renew" button. Instructions for renewal can be found here.

3. If the message "Use! Use eParaksts mobile at the highest level" appears on the opened page and you are not prompted to restore the account to the highest level, then it means that you can make qualified e-signatures with your eParaksts mobile app.

Other questions and answers about how to start using eParaksts mobile are summarized here and other usage questions here.

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