Account types and multiple accounts

There are different account types you can have in the Dokobit portal:

  • Regular (free) account - every user can have one free account in the portal. With the regular account users can use the same portal functionality as a company user (can upload, sign, share documents to sign and review, create document categories, create address book, validate documents and so on) and limitations are applied only to the amount of service availability and to the features that require to have more than one company user. Regular (free) user gets 5 signatures per month, can validate up to 5 signed documents and has 100 MB for document storage.
  • Company user account - user who accepted the invitation to join the company account in the portal. User is being invited by the company administrator to join the company and has a right to accept or decline the invitation. Company account user has full portal functionality and the amount of available services depends on the paid plan conditions that his company account administrator has. All the information and documents in the account are available to the company administrator and is company property. It is recommended not to use your own private account as a company account.
  • Owner - user who is responsible for their own account and all other company accounts. There are couple of options on how to become a company account owner: 1) you buy a paid plan yourself and you become your company account owner 2) owner rights are being promoted to you by the previous owner. Owner is the one who invites other colleagues to join company account, can delete, suspend other company users accounts; have access to company account users uploaded and received documents; can review company invoices; can upgrade or downgrade a plan that was selected to the company.
  • Administrator - company user who was promoted to admin by company account owner or other administrator. This user has the same access and management rights as the owner, except he can not block or delete owner's account and can not reach or change plan, billing details and information.

To navigate between your accounts once you are logged in to the portal

1. Click on your name, that is located on the top of the right side of the screen, for the drop-down menu to appear.

2. If you see a "Switch account" option in this drop-down menu, click on it to expand the account list. Note: this step is only necessary if you have more than three accounts.

3. Click on the account you want to use. Next time you login to the portal you will be logged in to the account that was used the last time.

4. If someone shares a document with you by using only your personal code, the document will be shared with the account you used the last time.

To make the navigation between accounts easier, you can name your company accounts by the company title

5. Click on your name, that is located at the top of the right side of the screen, for the drop-down menu to appear.

6. Click on the account you want to change the title.

7. Click the "Settings" button (gear icon next to your name) or click on your name one more time and go to "Settings".

8. In your "Profile" tab, click the "Change" button next to "Personal details".

9. Fill the "Company name" field and click "Save" (you can fill in other fields with necessary information too).

10. Note: if the company name is provided, once you share a document with someone, this company title will be stated in the notification email next to your name.

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