How to transfer the company account ownership rights to another company user?

In the Dokobit portal, the company account owner can transfer ownership rights to another company user if necessary. 

Note: In case the account owner is planning on leaving the company, they should perform this action before they do so.

Note: The initial company account owner will irreversibly lose their ownership rights by transfering them to another user. However, the newly selected account owner can then trasfer these rights back, if necessary.

Note: When transferring ownership rights to another user, the owner can choose whether to stay as an administrator or as a regular user.

1. To transfer ownership rights, log in to the portal, and go to the settings by either clicking on the gear icon (located at the top, right side of the screen) or by clicking on your name to reveal the drop-down menu and then selecting "Settings".

Gear icon:

Drop-down menu:

2. Click the "Users" tab and locate the first section called "User statistics".

3. Choose one of the active users to whom you wish to transfer the company account ownership rights and click the "Actions" button. Then select the "Transfer owner rights" option.

4. If you wish to retain an administrator role after transferring the ownership rights, check the box "Keep the admin role". Confirm the action by clicking "Continue".

5. Confirm the action by clicking "Confirm and transfer".

Note: In case the company account owner cannot transfer the ownership rights to another user by themselves (they are not working in the company anymore, etc.), the company representative should contact us by writing an email to to receive further information.

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