How to delete company user's account?

The company account owner and administrators have the ability to delete company account users that were added to the company account. This function is especially useful when one of the company users decides to leave the company or if the user is simply not using the account.

Note: Deleting a user account is a permanent and irreversible action – access to all documents will be revoked. 

Note: Since our users are always allowed to have one "Free" account in the Dokobit portal, we recommend keeping your personal and work accounts separate. The owner and administrators of a company account have full control of other company user's accounts, therefore we suggest advising these users not to store their personal documents in the company account. To avoid any further confusion, only use your work email address for the company account and your personal email address for the personal account.

1. To delete a company user's account, log in to the portal, and go to the settings by either clicking on the gear icon (located at the top, right side of the screen) or by clicking on your name to reveal the drop-down menu and then selecting "Settings".

Gear icon:

Drop-down menu:

2. Click the "Users" tab and locate the first section called "User statistics".

3. In the "Users" section, you will see all of the users that were added to the company account.

4. Choose the user that you want to delete and click the "Actions" button located near their name and surname, then select "Delete user".

5. After clicking the button "Delete user", a new window will appear offering you to transfer the user's documents to yourself or to another company user. Click the "Transfer and delete" button.

6. Select the user to whom you want to transfer the documents.

7. You can also delete the user's account without transferring their documents to you or any other company user. In that case, choose the option "Delete without transfer".

8. If the user does not have any documents in their account, after clicking "Delete user", you will only be asked to confirm this action by clicking the "Delete" button again. 

Note: If you have no intention of adding any additional users later, and would rather prefer to reduce the number of these user slots altogether, be sure to contact us at and we'll make the necessary changes. The updated information will then be reflected in your upcoming invoices for the paid plan subscription.

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