There comes a time when you might need to give one of your added participants a little nudge to remind them that you're waiting for their signature. In those cases, you can send out email reminders through the Dokobit portal to let them know their signature is still pending.

Note: This feature is available for paid plan users only.

How to send reminders to added signers

1.0. Log in to the portal and open a document that contains a pending signature.

1.1. Scroll down to the "Participants" section, and next to the participant's name, press “Send a reminder”.

1.2. If necessary, you can add a personal message to the reminder. When you're ready, press "Send".

Note: If a document is prohibited from being signed past a certain deadline, you will not be given the option to send reminders after the due date. 

How to send reminders for multiple documents

Note: Participants that have already signed a document cannot be sent reminders.

2.0. Select the required documents from your list and press the "Send reminders" button located in the row above them.

Note: You can send reminders for up to 50 documents at a time.

2.1. A pop-up window will appear showing the selected documents. It will contain either or both of the following messages:

  • "Documents where some or all participants will receive reminders" – this message indicates that only pending participants will receive reminders.
  • "Documents where no one will receive reminders" – this message indicates that all of the added participants have already signed, in which case a reminder won't be sent.

If all of the selected documents have already been signed, then the pop-up window will not offer the possibility to send out reminders, as seen in this example screenshot:

2.2. To send reminders to the participants, press "Send".

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