Audit trail

In the Dokobit portal, we offer the possibility to use an audit trail to track actions that were performed either with specific documents or generally in your portal account.

List of actions that can be tracked in the audit trail

In the audit trail, you can track who and when performed the following actions:

Available in every Dokobit account ↓

  • Document creations;
  • Document signings;
  • Documents approvals;
  • Document declines;
  • Document views;
  • Document downloads;
  • Missed deadlines;
  • New comments;
  • Document participant removals;
  • Document participant additions;
  • Workflow changes;
  • Deadline changes;
  • Document participant role changes;
  • Document renames;
  • Documents signature level changes;
  • Document validity extensions;
  • Document metadata changes;
  • Sent reminders;
  • Moved to the trash bin;
  • Restored from the trash bin.

In "Business" and "Enterprise" accounts only ↓

  • Branding updates;
  • Branding removals;
  • Ownership transfers;
  • Billing/plan changes;
  • Company user changes.

How to access and review an audit trail for separate documents

1.0. Log in to the portal and open a document from your document listing page.

1.1. Scroll down to the bottom, and in the section "4. Actions", press the tab "Audit trail".

Note: In the "Free" account, the audit trail is restricted, and users can only view 4 of the most recently performed actions.

How to access and review the complete audit trail history for the entire portal account

Note: This action can only be performed by the account owner or admin of the "Business" and "Enterprise" plan.

2.0. Log in to the Dokobit portal, and at the very top, choose the section "Company data".

2.1. On the left side of the screen, choose the subsection "Audit trail".

Here you will see an overview of the audit trail for the entire portal account.

2.2. If you'd like to refine the results, press the drop-down menu "Show all" and choose the required filter.

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