How to validate a document?

Dokobit is eIDAS certified qualified e-signatures and e-seals validation service provider.

In the Dokobit portal you can easily validate signed documents (e. g. signed elsewhere; you received them from your foreign business partner by email etc.) and receive validation reports. In other words, you can confirm the legitimacy of the signatures in the document according to the eIDAS Regulation (Regulation (EU) N°910/2014). More information about eIDAS regulation can be found here

There are two types of electronic signatures and seals you can validate - Advanced and Qualified. Advanced electronic signatures and seals with Qualified certificates are considered as strong evidence in legal proceedings, meanwhile, Qualified electronic signatures and seals comply with the highest eIDAS regulation requirements and therefore have indisputable legal force.

In the Dokobit portal, you can choose whether you would like to validate both Advanced and Qualified electronic signatures and seals in the document or only Qualified electronic signatures and seals. If you choose the first option, it is a less strict validation, where Advanced signatures will be recognised as valid and the second option is stricter, where only Qualified signatures will be recognised as valid. You can validate document signatures backed by certificates issued within any EU/EEA member state.

To validate a document

1. Log in to the portal and click the "Validations" button, located at the very top of the page.

2. Click the "New validation". Note: if you have not yet uploaded a document for validation, you will see that there are no validations yet.

If it is not the first document, you will see a list of previously validated documents.

3. Upload a document for validation. There are two ways to upload the document in the section: you can drag and drop it to the grey upload area or you can use the "Browse" button to locate and upload a file from your computer. Note: you will need to upload and validate documents one at a time.

4. Select a validation policy. Validation policy allows you to choose what kind of signatures and seals should be considered as valid on your signed documents, i.e., only Qualified Electronic Signatures or in addition to them also Advanced Electronic Signatures.

5. Select a liability level. Liability level defines the assurance of responsibility taken up by Dokobit as a Qualified Validation Service Provider. Note: to select the advanced liability, it should first need to be enabled. The advanced liability level could only be enabled by the account owner. After it is unlocked, the account owner or users to whom administrator rights were granted could also set the default validation report liability level for all company users. More information could be found here: Default company settings.

Note: if Advanced liability is not enabled, company users will only be able to select Basic liability. 

6. Click the "Validate" button.

7. Please wait until your validation report is generated.

8. The validation report will be opened automatically, and you will be able to download it instantly. 

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