How to renew your Mobile-ID from Auðkenni

There can be a couple of reasons why users need to renew their Mobile-ID from Auðkenni, e.g. if there are less than 90 days until the expiration date of the Mobile-ID, or if the Mobile-ID was made with an old algorithm SHA1 which is not considered safe anymore. If your Mobile-ID is still valid, you can renew it online without having to come to one of Auðkenni´s offices. Below you will find the information on how to do it: 

1. Go to Auðkenni´s self-service website

2. Press Innskrá button and authenticate yourself with your Mobile-ID. 

If your Mobile-ID is not considered safe because it was produced with an old algorithm, you will see the following message on the screen:

3. When you have successfully logged in, press the button Endurnýja skilríki. 

Note: This button is only visible for users who have an old Mobile-ID that has less than 90 days until expiration or have Mobile-ID that is no longer considered safe because it was produced with an old algorithm. 

4. Now you can safely sign a new contract online with your old Mobile-ID for the last time before the production of your new Mobile-ID starts. 

5. As soon as the production process starts for the new Mobile-ID, you will see a message on your phone screen and you will need to confirm it with your PIN number. 

6. When the production process is finished, you will get a confirmation message on Auðkenni website that the renewal has been succesful. 

Message from Auðkenni

All certificates issued before August 17th, 2018 need to be reissued.

All certificates issued before August 17th, 2018 need to be reissued due to changes in the encryption technique.

The encryption technique used in electronic certificates is subject to regular change, and older techniques become obsolete. In August 2018, Auðkenni started to use a new hashing algorithm – SHA256 – but certificates issued before that time used the SHA1 algorithm.  The majority of certificates using SHA1 have been reissued but a few are still valid.

It is imperative to reissue these certificates before May 12th, 2021. After that time all certificates using SHA1 will be revoked, and the holders of those certificates will not be able to use them.  They will have to go to a registration station in person to get new ones issued.

Log in to to see if you need new certificates. If this is the case, you can reissue your certificates at until May 12th, 2021.

Certificates issued after August 17th, 2018 use the new SHA256 algorithm and do not have to be reissued because of this.

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