Sharing for accountless signing with authentication

 In the Dokobit portal, you can securely share a document with a specific person only and allow this person to access the document without registering to the portal. Sharing the document for accountless signing with a person using a personal code ensures that only this person can access the document.

Note: sharing for accountless signing is only available for paid plan users.

Signature invitation for an accountless signing with authentication

1. When uploading the document, in section 3. “Add participants” add the participants using their personal code. Click the “Add” button (or use the “Quick add” section) and select sharing the document using personal code. Enter the personal code and click “Continue”.

2. Enter the participant’s email address to send him a notification. Enter the email address and click “Continue”. Note: this step is necessary when sharing the document with a person who does not have an account in the portal.

3. In section 4. “Set documents options” check the box “Allow signing or viewing this document without Dokobit account”. Click “Send”.

Note: if some participants' personal codes are not indicated, the notification will be visible that they will not be required to authenticate themselves to view the document.

The process for accountless signing with authentication for invited parties

4. The participants will receive an email with an invite to review and sign the shared document.

5. From the invitation email, the invited parties will be taken straight to the secured document view window. To view and sign the shared document, the participants first will need to confirm their identity using the preferred authentication method.  Note: If the participants have an account in the portal, they will get a link to log in to the portal when a document is shared with them, even if the document's owner selected accountless signing.

Note: If some participants' personal codes were not indicated when sharing the document, those participants would not be required to authenticate themselves. In such a case, after they click the invitation to view and sign the document link, they will be taken straight to the document view window.

6. The authentication will not be successful if a person has a different personal code than the one indicated by the document owner when sharing the document.

7. After successful authentication, the participant will be able to review and sign the document shared with him using the preferred signing method.

8. Signing can be declined by pressing the “Decline” button with the possibility to enter a decline reason.

Saving the signed document

9. If the signer does not have an account in the Dokobit portal, the signed document's download link will be sent to the signer's email address once all parties sign the document. Note: If the signer has an account in the portal, he will have an option to save the document directly from his account.

10. After all participants sign the document using accountless signing, the owner will get an email informing about that with a download link for the signed document. Note: The link could be opened only by the document owner and could not be shared with someone else.

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