General API Services Information


Dokobit APIs are RESTful, which means:

  • Uses resource-oriented URLs;
  • Uses GET and POST methods to perform actions on resources;
  • Responds with standard HTTP response codes;
  • Returns JSON.

You can find our code examples and SDKs on our GitHub repository.

SSL/TLS Requirements

Since security is one of our top priorities, our solutions are made to follow the most up-to-date security practices. Establishing secure communication would require using TLS 1.2 security protocol, as well as up-to-date Ciphers. Supported port: 443 (HTTPS).

Our current SSL certificate * is valid until the 27th of December 2024, 23:59:59 UTC. This certificate can be found here.

We update certificate information in advance, 30 days before the expiration date.

Qualified time-stamping service providers

We use time-stamping services for different providers to ensure reliable and stable service. We work with providers from the trusted list of qualified trust service providers in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation.

By default, SK ID Solutions AS, SK Time-Stamping Authority for qualified electronic time stamps (SK-TSA 2022) is used.

To ensure uninterrupted service availability, we also work with:

Load balancing

Because we are focusing on our services' high up-time and performance, all of our solutions are using load balancing, meaning that all our facing IP addresses are dynamic. As IP addresses change, we strongly suggest not to do IP pinning as that would disturb your access to our services.

Webhook support

Portal API and Documents Gateway support webhooks to your defined endpoint to notify you about certain user completed actions (e.g., a document has been signed). It is important to make sure your defined endpoint is accessible by our services before using it successfully.

Product Webhook IPs (Production) Host (Production) Webhook IPs (Sandbox) Host (Sandbox)
Portal API and Universal API
Documents Gateway

WebService APIs

This is a collection of pure APIs and therefore they are structured on dynamic IP addresses.

Product IPs (Production and Sandbox) Host (Production)
Host (Sandbox)
Identity API Dynamic balanced IP
Documents API Dynamic balanced IP
e-Sealing API Dynamic balanced IP

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