Dokobit for non-profits

We admire people who are changing the world. The least we can do is offer our solutions at a discount to help facilitate administrative tasks and save time so that you can work on the things that really matter. 

We offer special discounts for official non-profit organisations and charities that are non-governmental, non-academic, non-commercial, non-political in nature, and have no religious affiliation.

What kind of discounts are available?

1. 50% discount is applied for these plans on Document Signing Portal: 

  • yearly Professional plan;
  • yearly Business plan.
Note: discount applies for a plan only. If you exceed its limits, you pay a full price for additional services.
2.  30% discount is applied for API solutions.
Note: discount applies for an entire invoice received each month.

Who qualifies?

Non-profits discounts are available in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Iceland. Qualification criteria depend on the country you are based in:  
  • In Lithuania, we welcome applications from organisations that are non-profit and non-governmental and have a beneficiary status.
  • In Latvia, we welcome applications from organisations that are Associations or Foundations that have received public benefit organisation (“PBO”) status.
  • In Estonia, we welcome applications from organisations that are registered at the Ministry of Justice and operate for the public interest as specified by the Tax and Customs Board.
  • In Iceland, we welcome applications from organisations that are Félagasamtök (non-governmental organizations – NGOs) or Sjálfseignarstofnun með staðfesta skipulagsskrá (private foundations under approved charter) registered in the Company Register and engaged in activities listed under Article 16 of Regulation No. 483/1994 on the deduction from income from commercial or independent activities. 


Discount is not applied to: 
  • budget institutions;
  • churches, associations of churches, or other religious organisations;
  • families;
  • gardener associations, residential or other kinds of building owners communities and other associations for common real estate management;
  • government offices;
  • hospitals, organisations involved with health insurance or group health plans, or related organisations;
  • legislative or political activity organisations;
  • private grant-making, independent, or operating foundations; 
  • schools, colleges, or related organisations;
  • trade or business associations.

Other conditions

  • Anti-discrimination policy: organisations that advocate, support, or practice discrimination based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, religion, or socioeconomic background are not eligible to participate in this discount program. We remain a right to ask for proofs attesting that the organisation does not discriminate on any of these grounds in order to receive a discount. 
  • If it's not completely obvious on your website that you're a non-profit, we may require you to email us additional proof of your non-profit status.
  • We reserve the right to deny an application for the discount or stop providing the discount at any time under our own discretion. 
  • Note: we do not offer refunds for subscription fees paid prior to being approved for the non-profit discount. 

How to apply?

If you are a non-profit organisation and would like to receive a discount, please contact us at 
Please include this information when contacting us:
  • Organisation name;
  • The solution needed (Document signing portal or API solutions);
  • Contact information (email, phone);
  • Information about your activities, needs, and expectations, so we offer you the most suitable solution.

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