Mobile ID and Smart-ID data for testing

Mobile ID

For testing Mobile ID features you can use our test numbers, provided below:

Phone Personal Code Response
+37060000666 50001018865 Successful signing and authentication
+37200000766 60001019906 Successful signing and authentication
+37060000366 50001018821 Failure, Mobile ID is not activated
+37061100266 50001018854 Failure, user canceled request
+37066000266 50001018908 Failure, transaction expired

If you would like to use your own Mobile ID details, please register here.


For testing Smart-ID features you can use our test data, provided below:

Personal Code Country Code Response
10101010005 LT/EE Successful signing and authentication
10101010016 LT/EE Failure, user refused to authenticate
10101010027 EE Failure, timeout
LV Successful signing and authentication

If you would like to use your own Smart-ID details, you will need a Smart-ID DEMO app for that. Follow these steps to set up the Smart-ID DEMO app:

1. Install the app in your mobile device:

To install on Android platform (minimum Android 4.1 required), click here

To install on iOS (minimum iOS8 required), download Testflight here and join Smart-ID demo beta app here.

2. Register and prove your identity. Please note that you will need to get a Smart-ID Qualified Electronic Signature account. In order to do so, please use eID card or mobile ID for the identification. Using bank link as a registration method means that you will be granted Smart-ID Basic account, which can be used only by IDP-s (banks). You will only be able to use Smart-ID Basic account in internet banks.

Your Smart-ID account is now ready to use.

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