Google Chrome extension and e-signature device drivers installation for Linux users

This guide covers the Dokobit browser plugin and e-signature device drivers installation for Google Chrome users on Linux.

Extension installation

1. Download the Google Chrome extension that allows you to sign and identify yourself with e-signature from here.

2. Run the downloaded installer file and follow the steps of installation wizard. The installation program must be run using a computer administrator rights.

3. After successful installation, the browser will automatically restart and you will be welcomed by the Dokobit extension security window. Click "Add extension" to enable it.

4. Dokobit system test website will launch and it will check whether the software is ready for use. If the website does not open automatically, click here.

5. The view below indicates that software was installed successfully. You can now start using the Dokobit portal.  

6. If the Dokobit wizard cannot find the extension, check if the extension is in the browser extension list. Click the "Menu" button at the top right corner of your Chrome window, then choose "More tools", and then "Extensions".

7. If the extension is on the list, make sure it is turned on.

8. If you cannot find the Dokobit extension in the list, you can install it from Google Chrome Store. Upon visiting this page, click "Add to Chrome".

9. When the new dialog window appears, click "Add extension".

Smart card and USB token drivers installation

10. If you get an error shown below while testing the system, you will need to install e-signature device drivers.

11. Smart card and USB token drivers can be found here or scroll down on the system test page. Select the country that issued your eID, select your eID type and click "Download".

12. Once everything is installed, restart the browser and start using Dokobit.

13. If the system test warns that e-signature software is missing, run the downloaded installation program again.
Important: Make sure that the installation program is running with administrator privileges.

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