Microsoft Edge extension and e-signature device drivers installation for Windows users

This guide covers the Dokobit browser plugin and e-signature device drivers installation for Microsoft Edge users on Windows.      

Extension installation

1. Download the Microsoft Edge extension that allows you to sign and identify yourself with e-signature from here.

2. You will be taken to the Microsoft store. To download and install the extension, click the "Get" button.

3. Once the extension is installed, you will be redirected to check whether the software is ready for use. You can also click here.

4. The view below indicates that the software was installed successfully. You can now start using the Dokobit portal. 

5. If there is no new extension notification, check if the extension is in the browser extension list. Open the Microsoft Edge browser, click the "Menu button" at the top right corner and choose "Extensions".

6. If the extension is listed as "Off", toggle the button to turn it on.

7. If you cannot find the extension on the list, please repeat the installation process from step 1.

Smart card and USB token drivers installation

8. If you get an error shown below while testing the system, you will need to install e-signature device drivers.

9. Smart card and USB token drivers can be found here or scroll down on the system test page. Select the country that issued your eID, select your eID type and click "Download".

10. Once everything is installed, restart the browser and start using Dokobit.

11. If the system test warns that e-signature software is missing, rerun the downloaded installation program.
Important: Make sure that the installation program is running with administrator privileges.

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