Using Smart cards and USB tokens with Safari (Safari version 10 or older) for macOS users

To sign or identify yourself using a Smart card or USB token in Safari v.10 or older, you need to install and enable the Java plugin and allow the portal to run it in an unsafe mode. If you are using Safari v.11, please click here.

To allow running Java in an unsafe mode in Dokobit portal:

1. Open Dokobit portal in Safari browser.

2. Open Safari menu and select "Preferences".

3. Select the " Security" tab. 

4. Click the " Plug-in Settings" button (the one next to "Internet Plug-ins").

5. Select " Java" in the left pane.

6. Press the  ⌥ Option key on your keyboard and expand the drop-down menu next to the address of the portal Check option "On"and uncheck "Run in safe mode". 

7. Click " Trust" to confirm your action.

8. Click " Done".

9. Close the Safari " Preferences" window and refresh the Dokobit portal page.

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