Different document formats

There are two types of document formats that can be signed in the Dokobit portal. The regular one - like a PDF file and a container based - like ASiCe, ADoc, BDoc or EDoc.

Container based document format is like a ZIP archive, where you can add multiple files and then sign the whole container. It is convenient when you have various annexes that need to be signed together with the main document. Instead of signing separate documents, you can add all files in one container and sign it.

The downside of container based document format functionality is that in order to download and review this file you would need to have a separate software. You can also open these type of documents in the Dokobit portal.

The PDF format files are much more user-friendly and can be downloaded and reviewed easily. The PDF format is a standard and is being used widely in businesses.

The container based document format standard is ASiCe format. It must be accepted by all EU institutions that accept electronically signed documents, however, some countries have their own container based document formats that are being used in their public sector on a daily basis: in Lithuania - ADoc; in Estonia - BDoc; in Latvia - EDoc.

In Dokobit portal, you have an option to choose the signed document format at the time of uploading the document.

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